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About FYXD Physiotherapy and personal training in Utrecht

Welcome to FYXD Physiotherapy and personal training. FYXD is a physio practice conveniently located near Leidsche Rijn and ‘De Meern’ in Utrecht, Rijnvliet. As a physical therapist our priority is not only to help you resolve pain or injuries, but most importantly to prevent the recurrence. We focus on the underlying causes of your injury during your treatment, as this is key to get to an optimal and long-lasting solution. Prevention is better than rehabilitation.

Our skilled team of professionals is committed to providing top-notch services. Our practice provides more than general physiotherapy. We have manual therapists and a personal trainer in-house to be able to focus on your health holistically. Our mission is to guide you towards a sustainable recovery, emphasizing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fysiotherapie bij nekklachten en hoofdpijn

Make an appointment at FYXD physiotherapy and personal training.

In the banner ‘make an appointment’ you can make a physiotherapy appointment yourself, but you can always contact us in English through phone or WhatsApp with all your questions. For personal training you can contact us about appointments through the contact form or phone/WhatsApp, so that we can discuss what we can do for you.

Our website sadfully for now is only available in Dutch as we just started as a physio practice in Utrecht recently. However, we are fully committed to provide you all our services in English. We trust FYXD Physiotherapy to be your partner on the journey to optimal health and well-being.

Is physiotherapy covered by Dutch health insurance?

In most instances, securing supplementary health insurance is essential if you seek coverage for physiotherapy expenses. The available options for physiotherapy coverage depend on the health insurance provider. You can opt for a standalone physical therapy module, which includes a set number of treatments, or a comprehensive plan.

In December, you have the flexibility to decide on the extent of care you prefer for the upcoming year. Some options include selecting a specific number of treatments per year (e.g., 6, 9, or 12), while certain insurance providers offer a maximum budget allocation for physiotherapy expenses (e.g., €250 annually).

There’s no longer a requirement to visit your general practitioner before seeing a physiotherapist. You can directly schedule an appointment with FYXD without needing a referral from your doctor. However, even if you bypass visiting your general practitioner, we can still suggest informing them about your health issue.

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